Self-Managed Superannuation services to protect your future...

Schnelle Partners can help you decide whether a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) is the best option for you. We are experts on setting SMSF’s up, assisting with the annual compliance and even winding up a fund that is no longer needed.

Sit with one of our experienced team members and ask whether a SMSF will save you money or maybe allow you to do what your existing fund doesn’t. Or we can review your existing SMSF and see whether we can help reduce your running costs.

Why have a SMSF?

The main advantage of a SMSF over other superannuation funds is the ability to invest in direct property and shares and, in special circumstances, even borrow towards the cost of investments. Another important advantage is that the costs of running a SMSF can become less than the fees of other superannuation providers if the fund is of substantial size.

Other advantages include:-

  • Increased investment choices
  • Flexibility in the use of pension income streams
  • More control over your investment portfolio
  • The pooling of resources with other members
  • Estate planning opportunities
  • More opportunity to reduce income and capital gains tax
  • Ability to transfer shares and other securities into the fund

If you set up a SMSF you are in charge. The members are also the trustees (or directors of the trustee company). This mean you are ultimately responsible for all the investment decisions for the fund and also responsible for complying with the super and tax rules.